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Tinkle Origins - Vol 7

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Remember all those lazy afternoons you spent in the company of the clever Kalin and the cowardly Shambu? The long train journeys which were impossible without the antics of suppandi and the schemes of Tantra the mantra? Take a trip down memory Lane with tinkle origins, in which we celebrate the magazine legacy of simpler times by featuring the works created by its pioneering artists and writers. In this volume, fly around the world on the wings of exciting folktales and legends. Follow Kalia around the big baan forest as he saves his friends from evil predators. Laugh at the foolish king who thought he managed to stop a river. Take sides in an argument between the sun and the wind. Welcome back to a world of wonder, laughter, learning and fun. Welcome back to the tinkle you’ve grown up with. Ack media about us contact us privacy policy.