Tie & Dye (Bandhani) Silk Veil Cloth, Dupatta - 121

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Tie & Dye (Bandhani) Silk Veil Cloth, Dupatta

Dimensions – 344 X 164 CM

The Veil cloth also known as Dupatta made using tie & dye technique is an article of clothing that is used to cover some parts of the head or face. The tradition of veiling is associated majorly with women in India as their daily costume or during ceremonial rituals.

“Bandhani” comes from the word “Bandhan” which means tying up, the technique that is used to make different patterns.The ancient “Bandhani” or Indian Tie & Dye technique began around 5000 years ago in the Indian states of Rajasthan and Gujarat practiced by the Muslim Khatri community. Traditional motifs like flowers, animals, and geometrical designs are used.