Theyyam (Nandi) Mask

Theyyam (Nandi) Mask

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 Product Description:

Nandi is the vahana or mount of Shiva. He is depicted as a bull, though in South Indian iconography, he may assume a human form with the head of a bull. As the guardian of Kailash, the abode of Shiva and Parvati, Nandi represents virility, strength, and fertility. He is worshiped widely across India and is often seen at the entrances of Shaivite temples.

The Nandi is typically represented as Nandi kesvara in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. In areas such as coastal Karnataka and Mellakettu, Nandi kesvara is the main deity, worshiped either as an elongated wooden bull, or an anthropomorphic standing figure with a bull's head. Along the Karnataka-Kerala border, Nandi may be referred to as Maisandaya.

Origin:  20th century

Material: Brass

Care:  You can use this Pitambari/Brasso powder to clean your artifact. Just rub some powder on the surface and rinse it with water and dry it with a cotton cloth.

Quality Assessment: The artifact is in good condition and there are no damages on the surface area or any other area.