The Bhuta (Folk and tribal art) Mask

The Bhuta (Folk and tribal art) Mask

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A Bhuta, according to the Tulu civilization and culture, is a human spirit who lived life as a hero, and was canonized after his or her tragic, martyred death. They are generally benevolent forms of ghosts, who act as guardians over their worshipers. Each Bhuta has a unique cult following, and thus, each Bhuta mask is extremely unique. This antique mask, dated to the 15th century, made of brass, used to be kept in a shrine as per the tradition in Karnataka, starting from the 7th Century Ganga dynasty. In practice, the mask was used to channelize the spirit and have an interactive worshiping session between the devout and the bhuta. Much like an Ouija board in the west, the Bhuta masks in Karnataka were used to address societal and personal practical questions, and come to a communal consensus. A similar custom known as “They yam” is followed in the North Malabar region of Kerala.

The Bhuta worship itself to diverse art forms, including masks sculpted in bronze or carved in wood. Broadly Bhutas are classified into four categories with masks of brass, bronze and wood representing the invoked spirit.

Bhuta masks are objects of pride and the sculpting if these masks is an honored and continuing craft tradition.

Material: Brass

Care: You can use this Pitambari/Brasso powder to clean your artifact. Just rub some powder on the surface and rinse it with water and dry it with a cotton cloth.

Quality Assessment: The artifact is in good condition and there are no damages on the surface area or any other area.