Lord Rama
Lord Rama

Lord Rama

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A magnificent image of Vishnu as Rama with a bow, as hero of the Ramayana. The epithet ‘Rama the moon’ alludes to his handsome face and beauty, most in evidence in this gracious and beautiful image. Rama is the seventh divine appearance (avatar) of Vishnu on earth, who appeared in order to rid the world of the demon-king Ravana; their epic battles are recounted in detail in Ramayana. Rama is a highly popular deity because he is understood as a deified human, a prince of virtuous and noble character who lived on earth as a human, despite being understood as a divine appearance of Visnu.

Origin:  20th century A.D>, South India

Size:  5.5 X 3 X 3 INCHS

Weight: 0.300 Kg

Material: Copper


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