Palkhi (Palanquin) Holder
Palkhi (Palanquin) Holder

Palkhi (Palanquin) Holder

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 Product Description:

Palanquins are a class of wheelless vehicles, a type of human-powered transport, for the transport of persons, varying in size and grandeur. A simple palanquin often called a king carrier has poles attached to a frame. The poles or frames are carried by porters in front and behind. In Ancient times the palanquins of the royal family had carved brass holders that depicted royalty and also for decorative purposes.

Size: 3.5 X 5 X 5 INCHS

Weight: 800 Gm

Material: Brass

Care:  You can use this Pitambari/Brasso powder to clean your artifact. Just rub some powder on the surface and rinse it with water and dry it with a cotton cloth.

Quality Assessment: The artifact is in good condition and there are no damages on the surface area or any other area.