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Water Vessel (Lota) With Spouted

Water Vessel (Lota) With Spouted

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 Product Description:

This Indian brass drinking vessel or spouted lota is notable for several reasons: storing water in brass vessels was meant for healthy living and important for Hindu rituals. It has a flattened, spherical body; a thick, round neck; a concave neck at the edge; a curved, elegant spout that narrows as it reaches the opening. Spouted lotas were used in India to store and serve water. Water was tipped from the spout into the mouth (although not by actually putting the lips to the spout.) Also, in south India, they were used to pour water over the hands and feet.

Origin: 18th century A.D, Deccan, South India

Weight: 2.6 Kg

Material: Brass

Care: You can use this Pitambari/Brasso powder to clean your artifact. Just rub some powder on the surface and rinse it with water and dry it with a cotton cloth

Quality Assessment: The artifact is in good condition and there are no damages on the surface area or any other area.