Living Traditions in Indian Art -

Living Traditions in Indian Art

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Featuring a diverse and richly illustrated testament to contemporary Indian devotional art, this catalogue presents an extensive and unique collection by traditional artists who have translated their creative impulses into beautiful pieces that express a personal expression of divinity. An extensive and growing collection is now housed at the Museum of Sacred Art in Belgium curated so that visitors could experience and learn the cultural roots of Vaishnava art and its connection to the broader world of Hindu philosophy. The catalogue unveils the living traditions of this genre as well as documents a concerted effort to preserve this special art form that continues to be subject to the fast-paced modernisation of India. The collection focuses on works by Indian artists and includes devotional paintings by ISKCON artists. A few works from Nepal, Tibet, Thailand and Indonesia are also a part of it -- representatives of the spiritual and cultural connection that these places have had with India in the past. Supported by insightful contributions on the history of this art, the art itself and its artists, the catalogue's larger purpose is to both address and support the revival of interest in spiritual art among the academic community, art lovers and the general public.