Lord Krishna

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An incarnation of Lord Vishnu the protector of this world as Krishna was meant to eradicate the sinful forces, reinstate the Dharma, and release the people from their griefs. In Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna is portrayed in various views as a god-child, a prankster, a model lover, a divine hero, and a perfect personification of divinity. In this bronze image of Krishna standing with crossed legs, the deity is shown in the posture of playing the flute. The image is roughly made and resembles the craftsmanship of the tribal figurines of central India.

Size: 5 X 1.5 X 2 INCHS

Weight: 0.210 Kg

Material: Brass

Care: You can use this Pitambari/Brasso powder to clean your artifact. Just rub some powder on the surface and rinse it with water and dry it with a cotton cloth.

Quality Assessment: The artifact is in good condition and there are no damages on the surface area or any other area. 

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