Handmade wall hanging, Chakla, (Gujarat) Jat Garasiya - 2117

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Handmade wall hanging, Chakla, Gujarat

Jat Garasia Embroidery

Dimensions – 81 X 79 CM

Square wall hangings hand made in Jat Garasia work which is also used as table cloths or ceremonial cloths is locally known as ‘Chakla’. ‘Chakla’ means a piece or item that has four angles.

Jats are Islamic pastoralists who migrated to Kutch and Sindh (present-day Pakistan). Those who joined agriculture called themselvesGarasiaJats.Garasia women stitch an arrangement of geometric patterns calculated based on cross stitch counting the warp and weft of the fabricand mirrors to enhance its look.

Handembroidered on maroon silk cloth it has floral motifs in a beige thread and Banarasi brocade border on its edges. It also has the name of the artisan embroidered using Zardosi thread at the top of the chakla.