Hand Embroidered, Wall Hanging, Chakla, Kutch (Gujarat) Bavaliyo-2119

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Hand embroidered, wall hanging, Chakla, Kutch (Gujarat)

Bavaliyo Bharat

Dimensions– 64 X 73 CM

This Square shaped wall hanging locally known as ‘Chakla’ meaning a cloth having four angles, is embroidered using Bavaliyo embroidery. Chaklas are also used as ceremonial cloths or table cloths.

Bavaliyo Bharat done by Bania and Mahajan communities is considered one of the oldest embroideries used for embellishment. It is inspired by Ganda Bavar plants found in plenty throughout the landscape of Kachchh.The designs in Bavalia embroidery are geometrical in nature. Repeating Patterns of six to eight-pointed stars, triangles and squares are arranged to form a symphonic composition.