Hand embroidered wall hanging, Chakla, Kutch (Gujarat) Banjara-1175

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Hand embroidered wall hanging, Chakla, Kutch (Gujarat)

Early 20thcentury,

Dimensions – 46 X 22 CM

Square embroidered wall hangings hand made in Banjara embroidery which is also used as table cloths or ceremonial cloths is locally known as ‘Chakla’. ‘Chakla’ means a piece or item that has four angles whichisaddressed as ‘Darani’ in Banjara community.It was made of different sizes where the large size clothes werecalled ‘Chakla’ and the smaller ones werecalled ‘Chakli’the one in this case.

Banjarasor the nomadic tribes have a distinctive embroidery style which is influenced by many cultures and locality. The embroidery and motifs are highly influencedby the nature and their surroundings. The clothes are embroidered with elaborate bead work, mirror work, shells, ivory beads, and colorful threads. It hasablue coloredrectangle inthe center and redcoloredborders with white lines throughout.