Hand Embroidered, Traditional Board Game, Chopat, Kutch (Gujarat) Kanbi Chopat-2229

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Hand embroidered, Traditional board game, Chopat, Kutch (Gujarat)

Kanbi Embroidery

Dimensions – 90 X 90 CM

A Chopat (board) is traditionally an embroidered cloth in the form of a cross. Each panel of the cross is divided into three columns and each column is divided into eight squares.Chopat is said to be very similar to the game of dice played in the epic playMahabharatabetween Yudhishthira and Duryodhan.

The Rabari shepherd, Kanbi farming, and Ahir herding casts the peasant communities of Saurashtra are the main who practice this embroidery also known as Kutchi embroidery. They embroider in white, yellow, green, and red, mainly on red, orange, white, black, green cotton or satin cloth. The embroidery is distinguished by its predominant chain and open-chain stitching and motifs like floral patterns, parrots, or peacocks.