Hand embroidered Pouch, Kutch (Gujarat) Kharek-1624

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Hand embroidered Pouch, Kutch (Gujarat)

Kharek Bharat

Dimensions – 29 X 22 CM

Hand-embroidered in Kharek style this square multipurpose pouch is attached with a string to lock it. It has geometrical patterns into which colors green, yellow, and maroon are filled using the satin stitch.

Kharek embroidery goes back to Sindh and was brought to the regions of Banni by Meghwals and Islamic pastoral who migrated from the region. The name itself is reminiscent of the tactile textural quality of Date trees and it is an exultant inspiration of the form. It has a geometric style of needlework created by counting the structural composition of the fabric. Also, one can see the pattern is primarily executed with a black outline of double running stitch, pom-poms, and mirrors throughout, which enhances its look.