Hand embroidered Panel, Gala, Kathipa - 1735

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Hand embroidered Panel, Gala,Kathipa

Kathipa Bharat

Dimensions26 X 47 CM

Hand Embroidered in Kathipastyle this nape covers that is locally known as Gala is a potholder, traditionally used by women to carry pots on their heads. It has 3 pieces to it: the ring, or indhoni, to hold the pot, the squares’ flap put on the ring, and the rectangular piece that is meant to hang down from the base of the pot to the base of the neck.

The name coined for the embroidery ‘Kathipa’ is suggestive of the community practicing this embroidery. People who migrated from the different parts of the world settled in Kutch and Saurashtra brought different kinds of Embroidery to the country. Geometric patterns engulfed between borders constructing checked forms and heavily used mirror work are key characteristics of this embroidery.