Hand embroidered Panel, Gala, Kutch (Gujarat) Banjara-2352

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Hand embroidered Panel, Gala, Kutch (Gujarat)

Early 20thcentury,

Dimensions – 44 X 20 CM

Hand Embroidered in Banjara style this nape covers that is locally known as Gala is used when the waterpots are rested on a padded fabric ring on the back of which is attached a rectangular cloth, which covers the nape of the neck.

Banjaras or the nomadic tribes have a distinctive embroidery style that is influenced by many cultures and localities. The embroidery and motifs are highly influenced by nature and surroundings. The clothes are embroidered with elaborate beadwork, mirror work, shells, ivory beads, and colorful threads. Embroidered using yellow ochre, yellow, brown, and maroon threads it has cowry shells on 3 side edges and a cowry shell with thread tassels as an additional embellishment at the bottom.