Hand embroidered (Gujarat) Mutwa-580 - ahmedabadtrunk.in
Hand embroidered (Gujarat) Mutwa-580 - ahmedabadtrunk.in
Hand embroidered (Gujarat) Mutwa-580 - ahmedabadtrunk.in

Mutwa Hand embroidered (Gujarat) -580

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 Product Description:

Hand embroidered in Mutwa style this long panel can be used as Toran (door hanging) or as a sash for ceremonial rituals. It has abstract patterns into which colors black, red, yellow, and green are filled using satin stitch.

A native craft of Muslim community belonging to Banni area in Kutch. The Mutwa embroidery includes different stitches like a chain, double running, and square chain stitch. Their embroidery is very elaborate and their designs are chiefly geometric and floral patterns. Designs are influenced by their surroundings and motifs include flowers, peacocks, and parrots.

It also has a border at the bottom with yellow, red colour and additional embellishments mirrors are used throughout.

Size: 86 X 17 CM

Art: Mutwa Bharat

Color: Multicolored

Care: Do not wash or dry clean. Do not wipe with wet cloth. Shake to remove any dust.

Quality Assessment:  The piece is in good condition and there are no damages on the embroidered part or any other area.