Hand embroidered folk textile Sash, Bokani, Kutch (Gujarat) Ahir - 2211

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Hand embroidered folk textile Sash, Bokani, Kutch (Gujarat)

Early 20th century, Cotton

Dimensions81 X 20 CM

‘Bokani’ is a sash worn over the headgear covering the ears during sword dances performed during festivals. This sash is hand embroidered using Ahir embroidery.

The Ahir embroidery is practised by the people of the Ahir community who migrated from Gokul (Mathura) to Kachchh and Saurashtra are considered to be descendants of Lord Krishna. The designs of Ahir embroidery are free-flowing, contain smooth curves and ornately endowed circles following one another in a rhythmic row of embroidered patterns.

This Bokani has been embroidered on a red and black coloured cloth. It has angular as well as floral patterns stitched in multicoloured threads. Cotton fabric tassels on the periphery enhance its beauty.