Hand embroidered Fabric (Brocade - 485)

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Hand embroidered Fabric

Brocade Weaving

Dimensions – 74 X 55 CM

Hand embroidered in Brocade style this pink fabric has floral motifs all over in a golden thread. Additionalto that the floral motifs have centrefilled in with purple silk thread that gives it a royal look.

Brocade fabric is considered as a dignified fabric that was used by royals and has an intricate pattern or design which is often made with colouredsilk and sometimes with gold and/or silver threads. The name “Brocade” comes from the Italian word, “Broccato,” which means “Embossed cloth.” The designs on fabric emerge out to be embroidered on, but actually, it is not, the patterns are woven into the cloth using warp and weft technique.

The communities practisingthis art form are Wankar and Maheshwari andtheyuse motifs like Jaal, flower, creepers, bird or animal forms, square or other geometrical forms.