Hand embroidered, Door Hanging, Toran, Kutch (Gujarat) Kathi Rajput- 2167

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Hand embroidered, Door Hanging, Toran, Kutch (Gujarat)

Kathi Bharat

Dimensions – 44 X 92 CM

An entrance decoration hanging locally known as ‘Toran’ is hand-made in Kathi Rajput style embroidery. ‘Toran’ is used to decorate the main entrance of the house. It is considered very auspicious in Hinduism and it is believed that it is to please and attract the goddess of wealth - Lakshmi and also to welcomes guests.

Kathi Bharat is done by Kathis, Mahajans, and Banias considered as one of the oldest forms of embellishment. The mirror work is used in great number along with geometric patterns engulfed between borders constructing checked forms, illustrated by linear long stitches and contrasting colors that define the design vocabulary of Kathi Bharat.

Embroidered using multi-color thread mainly it has mirror embellishments throughout and the hanging panels have pom-poms additional decoration below them. Also, the mirrors used are of different shapes and sizes.