Hand embroidered, Door Hanging, Toran, Kutch (Gujarat) Banjara-1820

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Hand embroidered, Door Hanging, Toran, Kutch (Gujarat)

Early 20thcentury,

Dimensions – 72 X 16 CM

An entrance decorationhanging locally known as ‘Toran’ is hand made in Banjara embroidery. ‘Toran’are used to decorate the main entrance of the house. It is considered very auspicious in Hinduism and it is believed that it is to please and attract the goddess of wealth-Lakshmi and also to welcomes guests.

Banjaras or the nomadic tribes have a distinctive embroidery style which is influenced by many cultures and locality. The embroidery and motifs are highly influencedby nature and surroundings. The clothes are embroidered with elaborate beadwork, mirror work, shells, ivory beads, and colorful threads.

Embroidered on the red long cloth it has multi-color threads satin stitch used all over along with big round mirrors in the group of five.