Hand embroidered blouse, Kapdu, Kutch (Gujarat) Kanbi-754

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Hand embroidered blouse, Kapdu, Kutch (Gujarat)

Early 20thcentury,

Dimensions – 90 X 33 CM

A short blouse hand-embroidered in Kanbi style is a part of clothing used to cover the upper body below the neckline. It is worn with Ghagra (skirt) and Dupatta (veil). The size and style may vary as per the community or caste.

The Rabari shepherd, Kanbi farming, and Ahir herding caste the peasant communities of Saurashtra are the main ones who practice this embroidery also known as Kutchi embroidery. They embroider in white, yellow, green, and red, mainly on red, orange, white, black, green cotton, or satin cloth. The embroidery is distinguished by its predominant chain and open-chain stitching and motifs like floral patterns, parrots, or peacocks.

A multi-color blouse that has floral and abstract patterns all over on a pink background and threads at the top and bottom of the blouse to tie up.