Hand embroidered blouse, Kanjari, Kutch (Gujarat) Mutwa - 558

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Hand embroidered blouse, Kanjari, Kutch (Gujarat), Mutwa

Mutwa Bharat

Dimensions – 73 X 47 CM

Hand embroidered in Mutwa style this short-sleeve hip-length; backless blouse has a long front. In this case, only the front part of the blouse can be seen.

A native craft of Muslim community belonging to Banni area in Kutch. The Mutwa embroidery includes different stitches like a chain, double running, and square chain stitch. Their embroidery is very elaborate and their designs are chiefly geometric and floral patterns. Designs are influenced by their surroundings and motifs include flowers, peacocks, and parrots. It also has the use of mirrors as an additional embellishment.