Hand embroidered Banjara Bag, Gujarat Banjara-1882

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Hand embroidered Banjara Bag, Gujarat

Dimensions –52 X 39 CM

Hand embroidered in Banjara style, this multipurpose square pouch has an envelope shape made by folding three corners of a square-shaped cloth at right angles and then sewing the edges.

Banjaras or the nomadic tribes have a distinctive embroidery style and designs are either geometric or angularwhich is influenced by many cultures and locality. The embroidery and motifs are highly influenced by nature and surroundings. The clothes are embroidered with elaborate beadwork, mirror work, shells, ivory beads and colorful threadswhich create an altogether that reflects a sense of insouciant that is so characteristic of theBanjara’s.

The Banjaras are a tribe of north Indian origin, who moved south into the Deccan plateau and states like Rajasthan and Gujarat during the seventeenth century.