Brocade Weaving, Fabric Piece, Gujarat -2095

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Brocade Weaving, Fabric piece, Gujarat

Dimensions – 141 X 81 CM

Hand weaved in Brocade style this light pink fabric has floral motifs all over inzari(metallic golden thread).

Brocade fabrics were used by royals and have intricate patterns or designs which are often made with colored silk or withzari(gold/silver threads). The name “Brocade” comes from the Italian word, “Brocato,” which means “Embossed cloth.” The design on the fabric emerges over the fabric, through weaving.

Ashavalli is a type of brocade that was found in Ahmedabad, named after the city when it was called Ashaval. It has motifs like jali, flower, creepers, bird or animal forms and also geometrical forms.