Hand Embroidered Pajama, Trouser, Gujarat -142

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Hand Embroidered Pajama, Trouser, Gujarat.

Dimensions – 108 X 72 CM

The Pajamas are part of traditional clothing that is worn from the waist to the ankle, covering both legs separately. It is worn with Kurta/Abha and it has Zardosi embroidery near the ankles on both sides.

The craft that reflects royalty and was known to adorn the attire of God’s thus holds a distinguished place among all crafts. The word "Zardosi"is made up of two Persian terms, 'Zar' meaning gold, and 'Dosi'meaning embroidery. Traditionally original gold and silver medals were melted and beaten to create wires which were used for embroidery and weaving.Gold is considered as the most sacred metal symbolizing the sun and silver representing the moon. The use of gold and silver threads, beads, stones, and imaginative designs has made it one of the most sought-after glittering arts to decorate fabric.