Hand embroidered Shawl, Ludi, Gujarat, Rabari - 989

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Hand embroidered Shawl, Ludi, Rabari, Gujarat

Dimensions – 98 X 232 CM

The woolen embroidered shawls have been a cultural identity for Rabaricommunity. The method used to create the shawl that includes embroidery, tie-dyeing, and appliqué work. The Shawls are extremely intricate, bold tie-dyed designs, bright color silk or synthetic fabric, and embroidered borders.

The nomadic pastoral community of Kutch Rabaris started doing embroidery in their free time. Their major inspiration for motifs and designs was nature and their surroundings which symbolizes their wandering lives. Their embroidery has heavy embellishments which consist of shapes like square, triangle, diamond, and circle along with floral patterns.