Travels Through South Indian Kitchens -

Travels Through South Indian Kitchens

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For a traveler, a household kitchen in a strange land is usually a remote destination, but it is one that tells the 'truth' about food and everyday life, ' says Nao Saito, architect, and designer from Japan. A kitchen is usually thought of as a particular arrangement of space. But space is not just a fixed physical structure - it is also fluid, shaped by the way in which people use it. Keeping this connection in mind, Nao Saito set out to explore a colorful variety of kitchens during her stay in South India. With her abiding interest in people and cookery, she finally came up with this richly perceptive travelogue, bringing together floor plans, sketches, photographs, impressions, recipes, and conversation. In the process, South Indian kitchens emerge as more than just domestic spaces- they are distinctive ways of living and relating to the world.