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Indian Tie-Dyed Fabrics

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by Alfred Bühler. Eberhard Fischer and Marie-Louise Nabholz,1981

Historic Textiles of India at the Calico Museum, Vol. IV

Contents: I. Patola, Silk Double-Ikat Textiles from Gujarat,

II. Telia Rumal, Cotton Ikat Textiles from Andhra Pradesh,

III. Mashru, Mixed Fabrics with Single-Ikat Patterns in India.

IV. Bandhani. Tie-Dyed Fabrics from Gujarat and Rajasthan.

V. Laharia. Wrap-Resist-Dyed Fabrics from Rajasthan.

Hard bound with paper Jacket, 180 pages text wIth 80 black and white plates and 12 color plates.

Size: 28.5 x 22.5 cm.

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