Indian Textiles: Ethnic & Beyond -

Indian Textiles: Ethnic & Beyond

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This book is a collection of some of the best designed textiles. The selection of textiles is based on the aesthetic qualities and remarkable styles prevalent in various regions of India. A celebrating spirit rendered in color and patterns, with a stroke of panache, Indian Textiles - ethnic & beyond - represents the many manifestations of vibrance and elegance in its Indianesque identity. Flora, geometry, arabesque, antiquity, architecture and great Indian heritage have been captured in its full glory in an artistic rendition.In the hands of India's traditional artists, the textiles have undergone renaissance, unusual with a renewed spirit of modernity. The result is eclectic forms superbly combined with ethnic and modern designs.This book features pieces of textiles that embrace us from head to toe, near and far, created by most talented Indian textile designers and artists.

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