Handmade quilt, Dhabada, Kutch (Gujarat) Applique-1053

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Handmade quilt, Dhabada, Kutch (Gujarat)

Applique work

Dimensions – 123 X 82 CM

Quilts locally known as Dhabada is hand made using applique work technique and are a warm thick bed covering kept in place by lines of stitching using different fabrics, typically applied in a decorative design.

Applique is an intricate sewing technique popular in Gujarat. It isdecorative hand needleworkin which different colour and size fragments of fabric are stitched onto a larger piece to create a design or pattern.Different colouredfabric with angular patterns at the center, followed by angular patternat thebordersand different colouredplain borders at the perimeter.

Applique is used mainly for festive occasions but it is deeply embedded in the lives of many aggro-pastoral communities.