Hand embroidered wall hanging, Chakla, Kutch (Gujarat) Rabari - 1744

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Hand embroidered wall hanging, Chakla, Kutch (Gujarat)

Early 20thcentury

Dimensions – 43 X 43 CM

Square embroidered wall hangings hand made in Kanbi embroidery which is also used as table cloths or ceremonial clothes are locally known as ‘chakla’. ‘Chakla’ means a piece or item that has four angles.

The nomadic pastoralist community of Kutch Rabari’s started doing embroidery in their free time. Their major inspiration for motifs and designs was nature and their surroundings which symbolizes their wandering lives. Their embroidery has heavy embellishments which consist of shapes like square, triangle, diamond and circle in various colors.It also has exclusive use of square shape and abstract pattern in white thread mainly, mirrors and fabric and bead tassels at the perimeter that elevates its look.