Hand embroidered Panel, Rumal, Kutch (Gujarat) Pakko - 1588

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Hand embroidered Panel, Rumal, Kutch (Gujarat)

Early 20th century,

Dimensions25 X 16 CM

Hand embroidered using Pakko style, this multi-purpose panel can be used as a decorative item as well as a table cloth for small tables. This cloth is locally known as Rumal.

Pakko Bharat traces its origin back to the Sindh and was brought to the regions of Banni by Meghwals and Islamic pastoralists who migrated from that region. Pakko Bharat which literally means solid comprises of Square Chains and Buttonhole Stitches along with tiny pieces of mirror that add an opaque finish to the embroidery are considered to be the most durable of its kind. Aesthetically balanced and laden with an array of colors creating contrast, the Pakko embroidery enhances glory regardless of functionality. Floral patterns in white, maroon, and orange threads along with mirrors as an additional embellishment adorn the black background.