Folk Embroidery Of Western Himalaya -

Folk Embroidery Of Western Himalaya

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Himachal Pradesh has a unique and fascinating heritage of arts and culture and abounds in priceless treasures of art, to which its wood-carved temples, wall hangings, miniature paintings, sculptures in stone and metal, etc. stand a testimony. What is unique about the arts and crafts of this region is that classical and folk traditions developed side by side and from time to time interacted with and enriched one another. the crafts of this region have been nurtured by the loving hands of peasant women. Of these domestic arts and crafts, embroidery is the most fascinating. Many years ago, some art historians shed light on a particular branch of embroidery known as Chamba rumors. The extensive travels of the author of the present volume all over Himachal Pradesh enabled her to photograph other articles of Himachal embroidery such as wall hangings, coverlets, dice boards, hand fans, chilies, rosary covers sashes, caps, book wraps, etc., which are virtually unknown to the general reader. In bringing to light these unknown and unnoticed embroidered pieces, the author has indeed done a great service. One may, without any fear of exaggeration, claim that in this respect this book is the first of its kind in the field.