Fish Shaped Purse - Dhokra Art
Fish Shaped Purse - Dhokra Art

Fish Shaped Purse - Dhokra Art

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Dhokra is one of the earliest processes of making an object first in wax and then casting in brass known to human civilization. Originally, these craftsmen were nomads who went from tribe to tribe making their ceremonial and religious figures, ornaments, kitchenware and later started making products for home decor and accessories. It is handcrafted by skilled rural artisans with traditional manual technique and has dull-gold metallic/brass attractive appearance. It is an art exhibiting elegance and ancient simplicity with induced antiquity. This fish shape purse/box is a home decor item and a collectible piece.

Origin:   19th century A.D., Bengal

Size: 5.5 X 8.5 X 3 INCHS

Weight: 370 Grams

Material: Brass


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