Ethnic Embroidery of India -

Ethnic Embroidery of India

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Each region has its distinctive character. I have tried to compile this book so as to give a Holistic perspective to each of the important embroidery styles of India. Embroidery like any other Art form has a history, the preamble for each of the embroidery styles has a brief historical background. Indian embroidery has been used and is still used for adorning articles that are a part of daily life. Illustration and pictures of these articles will give the reader an idea of how embroidery is actually used to decorate garments by the native people. I have also dealt with the different kinds of stitches that are used for a particular style of embroidery and have given the detailed needle and work diagrams to perfect the embroidery technique. Lastly, for each of the embroidery styles, the book offers different patterns and designs unique to the style that can be used by the reader to create articles with Ethnic Indian embroidery.

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