Women CottonHandwoven Dupatta Black

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Women CottonHandwoven Dupatta Black

The land and weather of the Kutch district is well suited to raising sheep. In most of villages in Kutch one can listen to the music of weaving on handlooms, a substantial part of it loving artistic rather than being simply practical. This craft provides employment even to women and children at home. Artistic weaving is one of the traditional handicrafts of Kutch. Production process crafts people weave on the traditional pitloom (hathsal) and shuttle loom (fatksal) using both cotton and woollen yam. Woolen shawls, dhablas, dress materials, shoulder bags, hand bags, door-curtains, bedspreads, table cloths, carpets, asaniya and patta are some of the main products of weaving in Kutch.

Gracefully crafted handwoven Dupatta. This stole will add uniquness to outfit. Perfect for winter collection.

ART :Kutch Hand Weaving

Material : Cotton

Care :Cool Iron if Needed, Do not Rub Textures, Dry Clean Only, Keep away from direct Sunlight