Hand embroidered Cover, Dharaniyo, Gujarat. Ahir-2146

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Hand embroidered Cover, Dharaniyo, Gujarat.

Dimensions 97 X 174 CM

Hand embroidered in Ahir style Dharaniyo is a local term used for wooden box covers used as a decoration piece. The wooden box was used to store daily use items, cash, or jewelry items.

Ahir embroidery is practiced by the people of the Ahir community who migrated from Gokul (Mathura) to Kachchh and Saurashtra are considered to be descendants of Lord Krishna. The designs of Ahir embroidery are free-flowing, contain smooth curves, and ornately endowed circles following one another in a rhythmic row of embroidered patterns. The needled embellished technique practiced by the pastoral Ahircommunity women reflects simplicity and is highly inspired by the flora and fauna surrounding them.