Handmade Wall Hanging, Chakla, Gujarat Applique-1942

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Handmade wall hanging, Chakla, Gujarat

Applique work

Dimensions – 81 X 86 CM

Square wall hangings hand made in applique work which is also used as table cloths or ceremonial cloths is locally known as ‘Chakla’. ‘Chakla’ means a piece or item that has four angles.

Applique is an intricate sewing technique popular in Gujarat. It is decorative hand needlework in which different colour and size fragments of fabric are stitched onto a larger piece to create a design or pattern. Flowers embellished with mirrors and buttons at the center which are surrounded by several different size borders gives it an exquisite appearance.

Applique is used mainly for festive occasions but is deeply embedded in the lives of many aggro-pastoral communities.