Hand Embroidered, Blouse, Kapdu, Kutch (Gujarat) Rabari-948

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Hand embroidered, Blouse, Kapdu, Kutch (Gujarat)

Dimensions –102 X 52 CM

Long blouse handmade in Rabari embroidery is a part of clothing used to cover upper body. It is worn with Ghagra (skirt) and Dupatta (veil) which has a hook at the back near neck and string to tie near the midriff. The size and style may vary as per the community or caste.

The nomadic pastoral community of Kutch Rabari’s started doing embroidery in their free time. Their major inspiration for motifs and designs was nature and their surroundings which symbolizes their wandering lives. Their embroidery has heavy embellishments which consists of shapes like square, triangle, diamond and circle along with floral patterns. It has additional embellishments like mirrors of different shapes, buttons and embroidery in white and yellow giving it a bright yet soothing appearance.