Clamp-Dye Silk Stole Orange And Red For Women

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Women Clamp-dye Silk stole Orange And Red

The clamp dyeing process is also known as tie-dye is a process that involves folding of fabric in a particular pattern and then a carved wood shape is used as a resist. The wood resist is placed on both the sides of the folded cloth and then is held together tightly with a clamp. The result of the clamp dyeing is that the pattern (in the shape of a wooden block) is repeated all over the fabric which shows up because the remaining fabric absorbs the color of the dye.

These Clamp dye Stoles are a must add to your wardrobe.

They can be paired up with almost any outfit from your wardrobe. 

Length : 90Cm X 50Cm

Cloth: Silk


Colour: Slight difference in color from the visible product image is possible

Care: Dry Clean Only