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Saffron Soul: Healthy, vegetarian heritage recipes from India

Enjoy healthy home cooking with this fresh, lighter take on Indian food, one that Mira is creating with her vibrant and healthy cooking style!

Inspired by her motherand grandmother'scooking, Mira Manek's style of food is a modern interpretation of the Indian classics, creating utterly delicious and naturally healthy dishes. Whether you want to cook a Saffron & Lime Chia Pot, an Indian SummerSalad,a Masala Almond Milk, or a Mango Shrikhand Cheesecake,Saffron Soulcombines the best of the core elements of Indian cooking with original health-promoting twists.

As well as offering the best and most naturally healthy Gujarati recipes, Mira also recreates some perennial favorites, replacing traditionally used grains and sugar with more nutritious ingredients such as millet, chia and jaggery, and cutting down on oils and fats, to make her dishes even healthier.

Whether cooking a filling spicy curry, a soulful brunch, a nutritious light meal, or a luscious dessert, Mira's dishes vibrantly burst with color, andrichflavor and spicefit for a feast.

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